Sunday, August 2, 2015

STRATEGY 3: Create Your Brand Identity - 4. Choose Your Ideal Brand Color

You need to have unique colors that your brand will be identified with. Color is important to validating your personal brand by passing a great message about your brand. Your brand color is the most significant element of your visual brand identity because it stirs up emotions in people. This makes them to remember your brand. Thus, choose colors that best represent your personality and your brand.

The Color Marketing Group did a study on colors, and it shows that:
·         Color increases brand recognition by up to 80 percent.
·         Color improves readership as much as 40 percent.
·         Color accelerates learning from 55 to 78 percent.
·         Color increases comprehension by 73 percent.

·         Color ads are read up to 42 percent more than similar ads in black and white.
·         Color can be up to 85 percent of the reason people decide to buy.

Colors communicate. Each hue signifies diverse attributes about a brand. You are a brand, and you need to know that colors have meanings and make bold statements. You must think through those meanings before you can determine that your preferred color will be your customers’ preference too.
You may have to invest in the services of a professional designer in choosing and/or combining your brand colors. It’s really worth the initial expense to ensure that you get your brand color choices right the first time. Just like your brand logo, your color selections should remain the same all through the lifespan of your personal brand.

Make sure that your brand colors are consistently used on all your brand items including: Stationery, Business cards, clothing and/or accessories, File folders, Cellphone case. Coffee mugs or giveaway items, Your office walls, etc.
Take a quick look at the meaning of the following colors for you to be able to choose the most appropriate for your brand:


Intelligence, wisdom, security, integrity, power, stability, leadership, authority, truth, peace, loyalty, reliability, confidence, hope, clarity, communication, imagination, expertise


Growth, rebirth, nature, optimism, spring, change, fertility, relaxation, youth, luck, healing, environment, prosperity, safety


Energy, Sunshine, joy, warmth, happiness, caution, warning, vision, intellect, creativity, light, self-motivation, independence, caution


Potency, energy, humor, optimism, enthusiasm, determination, encouragement, informality, success, competition, force, productivity, strength, vitality with endurance


Power, attention, love, activity, potency, energy, desire, action, passion, determination, courage, vitality, motivation, playfulness, enthusiasm


Dignity, royalty, ambition, wealth, competition, mystery, spirituality, mysticism, inspiration, magic, dignity, luxury, personal power, self-worth


Solid, grounded, earthy, orderly, plain, not luxurious, politeness, coziness, warmth, helpfulness


Romance, love, warmth, friendship, children, affection, femininity, softness, thoughtfulness, caring, intimacy


Protective, strong, luxurious, strength, power, class, elegance, boldness


Riches, wealth, fame, the sun


Mystery, intuition, the moon


Elegant, classic, well-established


Purity, cleanliness, spirituality, openness, truth, refinement, innocence, peace, tranquility

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