Sunday, August 2, 2015

STRATEGY 3: Create Your Brand Identity - 3. Have a Brand Name

Your brand name is the unique name you want to be identified with. What does your name mean? What comes to people's mind when your name is mentioned? What do you want your name to mean in ten years’ time?

Your brand name must be easily recognizable in your kingdom. Your kingdom is where you speak with authority that no one questions you. The stronger your brand is, the stronger the value of your name.

Your brand name could be your actual or pen name. For example, if you are an artist/music label/band, tactically name and promote your brand to stand out from the crowd. Since we are in an Internet age, it would be wise to choose a name that would be easy to search for within the search engines without any competition. Remember to keep in mind that simplicity can equate to effectiveness. Know that being a brand is all about effectiveness.

Before launching an advertising campaign with your new brand name, make sure it has a rightful place on the web. Check to see if the domain name; Facebook profile; Twitter profile; YouTube and other social network profile names are still available.

For people to easily remember or pronounce your name if it is too long, you may have to shorten it; and your initials may be used with your surname if your name is difficult to pronounce or too long. For example, names like Anthony can be shortened as Tony, Alexander as Alex,  Olanrewaju as Lanre or Ola, Olaonipekun as Peks, Omotosho as Tosh, Joshua as Josh, Bankole as Bank, etc

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