Sunday, August 2, 2015

STRATEGY 2: Develop Your Brand - 10. Be the Best

Become an authority in whatever you are doing. Be the best in your industry. Master your trade by becoming an expert in your profession. Although it is very good to be versatile in your industry, you however need to be specialized at rendering a specific service. You must have a core that distinguishes you from others.
Your brand is built by how hard it is to find a replacement for you when you leave a place. Know your worth and prove your worth. Never be hypocritical. Avoid doing things that go against your brand or what you advocate. Don’t publicize failure in your area of expertise. Failing in new areas is OK, because you’re not trying to be an expert in those. That’s the difference between when you should and should not talk about your failures. The exception to this rule is when your failures become public despite your best efforts. If this happens, confront the issue and explain it - don’t avoid it, or you’ll seem deceitful. You’d rather people learn about your failure from you than someone with no sympathy.

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