Sunday, August 2, 2015

STRATEGY 3: Create Your Brand Identity - 1. Define your Brand

You have discovered and developed your brand. After learning a lot over a period of time, which may vary from one brand to the other, you now need to create a personal brand identity for yourself.

1.  Define your Brand

First of all describe what you want your personal brand to be. Create the big picture in your mind. Have a clear imagination of, and write down what you want your personal brand to be. Clients buy brands, not products. You can’t be successful as a brand if you can't clearly express the purpose of your brand. What is the reason of your brand’s existence? Your peculiarity makes your brand. What exactly makes you unique? It is very important that your distinction play a significant factor in your personal brand definition.

In defining your brand, factors to consider also include: knowing your mission, identifying the benefits and features of your brand, knowing what your target fans/clients already think of your brand, spelling out what qualities you want them to associate with your brand.

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